One House Solution | Hurom HH
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Hurom HH


Hurom HH Series

The second generation of Hurom Juicers preserve the natural taste and nutrition of fruits and vegetables by gently squeezing and pressing them through its leading-edge Slow Squeezing Technology instead of grinding them like other juicers.

1.6 Times Larger Capacity: 2nd Generation chamber, with a larger capacity by 60% over previous models, holds up to 500cc, allowing more amounts of resulting juice and juice of various ingredients simultanerously.

Control Lever System: A newly innovated lever system adjusts both the amount of residue left in the juice and the amount of pulp, which users can customize according to their preferences.

Simple, easy-to-use juice cap: Use the Juice Cap for drip-free pouring directly into your glass and to prevent spillage. This also enables easy cleaning by simply running water through for a hassle-free rinse cleaning between juices.

Safety Check Sensor: Duplicate safety sensors allows the unit to operate only if the chamber is completely and accurately assembled on the base.

43 RPM Slow Motor Technology: The slow-rotation motor technology generates little noise or vibration, better preserves nutrients, and is better equipped for semi-permanent use.

Easy Carrying Handle & Cooling System: The efficiently designed cooling system and easily transportable design make the Hurom juicer easy to use anywhere, anytime.