One House Solution | Galatea DE
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Galatea DE


Galatea DE

The Galatea model was created to satisfy the design conscious customers who do not want to renounce at the practice at work. The machine has a wide area of work, thanks to the special grids placed under the groups is possible to work with the traditional espresso cups and tall cup for American coffee.

The machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304.

It works with a motor-pump, the groups are electronically controlled by a volumetric dosage, managed by micro processor that allows the programming of 4 different doses.

The groups are heated by 2 thermostated heating elements that guarantee a perfect thermostability.

• Electric heating
• Automatic boiler water supply
• Automatic stopping of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler
• In-built pump
• Equipped with water softener