One House Solution | B2013 DE 2GR
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B2013 DE 2GR


B2013 DE 2GR

The new B2013 espresso coffee machines range resumes main BEZZERA’s distinctive marks: reliability, robustness, stainless steel AISI 304 body and neat design.

In DE electronic version, a control box manages the coffee dosing programmed by the user; you may programme 4 different coffee doses for each group.

With the optional Auto-Foamer steam wand, the user is always able to achieve a perfect milk froth at the correct temperature by simply pushing a button.

Absolute versatility: DE electronic dosing.
Optionals: All versions can be supplied with gas heating, the DE electronic models can be equipped with the practical Auto-Foamer steam wand.

Thermostatically controlled groups: a 50W electric resistance keeps the group temperature stable, even under heady duty conditions.

Copper boiler: enables the optimum steam and hot water productivity; levels are automatically managed by a control box.

Heat Exchangers: operated with an hydraulic circuit separated from the boiler, coffee is always prepared with fresh water.

Safety: double safety system, guaranteed by the boiler high-temperature cut-off thermostat and the hydraulic overpressure valve.

Robustness: B2013 body is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (14301).

Versatility: the large working area and the special grids allow to use up to 13 cm high cups.

B2013  DE and PM version are equipped with built-in volumetric motor pump connected directly to the water main.